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studentsYoung Enterprise Gibraltar is a charity organisation with the aim of giving young people the opportunity to explore the commercial world, structure of organisations and how the world around them works, hopefully preparing them to engage positively in the future.

Students are enrolled in a variety of programs through the academic years appropriate to each age all the way to the flagship company programme, where winning teams take part in the UK finals of the Young Enterprise UK.

Another of the programs available for younger students of years 9 and 10 are the Earn to Learn and Personal Finance programs.

Learning to manage money can be really tough for teenagers. In the Personal Finance programme students are challenged by means of an intriguing “life map” to consider the ups and downs they will face in handling their own financial futures. They get a hands-on introduction to credit and debt, savings, investments and budgeting. Students get an understanding of their role in society and the economy as consumers, employees, taxpayers, investors and borrowers.

Volunteers from the world of work lead discussions, deliver activities and enrich the programme with their own experiences and knowledge in support of the student’s class teacher. The programme can be run over five one hour weekly sessions. The students who take part work together through a series of fun activities and backed up by a comprehensive range of support materials.

In the Earn to Learn programme business volunteers help students understand how education is key to their future success and happiness in work and in life. Students discover their previously undiscovered talents, meaning that careers that once might have seemed out of reach are actually achievable.

Activities include: Living in a dream world, Budgeting for your dream lifestyle, Making your own way, Reality bites, The cost of living, Playing with success, Learn now or pay later – the costs and benefits of continuing in education and training.

Learn to Earn is run over six weeks. Students are helped to think about their career choices and what kind of qualifications they would need to pursue them, which helps them become more capable financially.

For both these programs an essential component is the input provided by people from the working world assisted by the class teacher. It is as much a fulfilling challenge for the volunteer and a perfect exercise as part of a continuous professional development not to say the satisfaction of helping to guide the future of our community.

This year the above programs are planned for week commencing 25th April. If you are interested in contributing or wish to discuss further please send an email to

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