Time to pull together

In the eleven months since the Brexit vote much has happened and the outcome of the exit, although not crystal clear, is clearer, albeit not necessarily favourable. 

The posturing of the EU would appear to indicate that the UK is heading for a hard exit and Gibraltar now faces a big challenge.

Over the coming months we need to work together, endeavouring to make a success of Brexit. The Government has worked tirelessly in trying to create certainty for our economy exploring all the new avenue’s available, and securing full support from the UK government.

Gibraltarians are entrepreneurs by nature and we have faced adversity in the past. We must now look to the realities of the future and work together as a team to ensure the most beneficial result for our economy.

We will need to explore other areas with the UK where we can expand our business relationship, where we can act as a conduit for other EU businesses to access the UK markets, and where we can build new business relationships with our commonwealth partners.

We have confirmation that Gibraltar will be fully taken into account in the talks to establish future

trading relationships, but this will take time along with great deal of effort from us all.

Your Chamber board, as business leaders, will work with Government to deliver certainty for the private sector. The recent performance of our economy has been not insignificant. As the Chief Minister told us at our recent dinner “New firms continue to seek licences to operate from Gibraltar and the employment numbers continue at record levels, with unemployment, importantly remaining at record low levels”

At the same time the Chamber will hold the Government to account when it comes to fair business practices and business costs.

We will continue to forge relationships with our neighbours; in fact the Cross Frontier Group (CFG) is going from strength to strength developing new objectives, such as the move to create an Economic Group of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC).

We all know that Brexit won’t be an easy ride, by but working together we can make it smoother.

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