Local YE team Link IT excell at the UK finals

In June the finals of the Gibraltar Young Enterprise – Company Program Final took place. 8 teams went through the rigorous assessment process undertaken by the judges led by Peter Berring of Jyske Bank, and assisted by Bethan Perera of Bland Group International and Denise Matthews of One Media & Events and Gibraltar Startup Grind. 

The Gibraltar Company Program Final involves a review of each teams business report by the panel of judges followed by a review of the teams stand and interviews of the team members. In the afternoon each of the teams delivers their stage presentation with audio visual aids to the judges and team guests.

Finally, early evening sees the gala event including special guests and dignitaries, where the teams present again and, on this occasion, a special judge for presentations Brian Reyes editor of the Gibraltar Chronicle.

By this time the judging panel having evaluated all the teams work during the whole day and present their decisions together with the Minister for Education John Cortes, Bland Group International MD John Perez and YE Gibraltar Chairman Carlos Garcia.

This years Prizes were awarded to:

• Overall winners Link IT

• Runners up Perspective

• Innovation & production Link IT

• Marketing & sales Perspective

• Best presentation Link IT

• Financial award Steps

The winner for 2017 was Link IT, a team of male and female students (as most of the teams were, leading the way to co-education) who went on to represent Gibraltar at the UK finals in London.

The role played by the link teachers and volunteer business advisors is crucial to the success of the programme. This is all extra curricular work. These volunteers mentor and guide the students throughout the process. Without them the local YE program whould not function, so huge thanks go out to them.

UK finals in London 

The Link IT team consisting of Emily Bowling, Henry Archer, James Mir, Javier Hunter, Laura Bevington, Neil Victor, Tyrene Berllaque (volunteer Link Teacher from Westside School), Clayton Busto (volunteer Link Teacher from Westside School), Neville Zammit (volunteer BA from Saccone & Speed). Other team members who could not make the trip were Chris Edwards, James Caruana, Mariam Pinto, Patrick Carner. A second volunteer BA Guy Povedano could also not join the trip.

Held at the British Film Institute on the banks of the Thames, the BBC Breakfast TV show made live interviews with the Link IT students and teams from 6am onwards.

Fourteen teams representing the nations and regions of the United Kingdom.

Ten representatives from various regions of England, one from Scotland, one from Wales, one from Northern Ireland…and one from Gibraltar.

Link IT gave a faultless four minute presentation on stage, just as we had seen on a number of occasions in the last days as they practised ahead of the final. Five teams are then selected to present again in the evening gala and Link IT were selected to present at the gala event in the evening.

Link IT won the award for “Pursuit of an opportunity”. This was presented by Sumanth Rao of Delta Airlines, the man who, in the team’s view, did not seem very enthusiastic with their project. He gave a few words and prefaced his award winner announcement by saying “they tell me that the place this team comes from only has 30,000 inhabitants” we withheld from cheering too much “…the winner of The Pursuit of an opportunity Award is Link IT from Gibraltar”.

The team had a great experience, meeting and discussing ideas with leaders of industry, widening their network of friends with other team members from the UK.This experience will live with them forever and stand them in good stead in furthering their lives, not just their potential careers.

This new academic year is the tenth anniversary of YE Gibraltar. We hope to make it even more special, with the unwavering help of our generous and extremely supportive sponsors Bland Group International.

Young Enterprise Gibraltar is sponsored by Bland Group International which is made of 8 different business (Blands Travel, OSG, Gibair, The Rock Hotel, Calpe Lounge, Avis/Budget, Travel Link and Wavetecx) which span across the Aviation, Travel, Security and Technology industry.

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