Launch of the Gibraltar Yachting Business Development Association

The Minister for Port Services, the Hon. Albert Isola MP and other dignitaries were present at the recent launch party of the GYBDA (Gibraltar Yachting Business Development Association). The aim of GYBDA is to work in further developing the yachting and Super Yacht sector in Gibraltar by creating the right business conditions for its success.

The government has warmly welcomed the initiative and is keen to listen to the suggestions from GYBDA members on how they can smooth the legislative and administrative processes together with all infrastructural issues in order to create an environment for success. In addition the Government stressed that it is always willing and indeed welcomes proposals from the Association on all development matters that will enhance the sectors future and financial viability.

GYBDA Chairman Richard Felipes stressed the need and desire to work hand in glove with the government and all relevant bodies in order to further build the foundations of a vibrant and profitable yachting industry. He went on to say that Gibraltar starts with the advantages of location, language and a globally respected Common Law legal system. He further added that it was now necessary to build out and consolidate from those solid bases and the progress that has already been achieved.

The GYBDA held a constituent meeting in at the end of 2015 in which a constitution was agreed and a board consisting of representatives from insurance companies, brokerages, legal firms, fuel suppliers, yacht service providers and sailing schools amongst others. One of the Founder members, John Alcantara said that an interim board had worked for two years to create the association to give it form and direction. He said “Today marks the end of that process and the start of the life of the GYBDA as a force to drive the yachting business for the benefit of its members and the wider community”.

For more information or requests for interviews please contact Richard Felipes at or John Alcantara at

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