Gibraltar Insurers surpass the UK pass rate

Gibraltar has achieved an impressive pass-rate of Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) exams. Gibraltar hosted 211 exams in 2017, obtaining an overall pass rate of 69%, which exceeds the 49% overall pass rate of the UK.

The insurance industry in Gibraltar forms a significant part of both the local financial sector and the broader insurance industry. The Gibraltar Insurance Institute (GII) now in its 10th year has made a remarkable progress in focusing its efforts on ensuring that its members have access to the best possible professional development resources. The efforts of those pursuing CII qualifications has demonstrated the commitment of local firms to attain the highest levels of professionalism and industry standards.

In October 2016 the University of Gibraltar, in conjunction with the CII, introduced a fast-track pathway to obtain the Certificate in Insurance. The success of the fast-track Certificate has paved the way for a fast-track Diploma program, which launched in November 2017.

The GII considers these programs as a significant accomplishment and it is proud to support its 425+ members and continues to strive for Gibraltar to be recognised as a leader within the global insurance industry.

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