Foreword: The Chamber is IN

On June the 23rd residents of the UK and Gibraltar, including all eligible Gibraltarians, will go to the polls.

Our future lies in Europe Our membership of the EU is the basis for our economic prosperity and stability; it provides us with a legal framework and security, providing safeguards of our fundamental freedoms and human rights. The consequences of a vote to leave are very serious indeed. The Chamber of Commerce fully endorses the Stronger In campaign, alongside the Government of Gibraltar, the Parliament and all political parties in Gibraltar.GIB_I'M_IN_BSIE_CMYK

Every Vote counts Whilst it is true to say that Gibraltar only forms a small percentage of the total UK votes, the UK Opinion Polls are running very tight and so the result could well be very close. If the Gibraltarian votes cast for the UK to remain in the EU are high, this will give Gibraltar significant credibility and strengthen Gibraltar’s lobbying position in any possible post-referendum negotiations conducted by the UK. VOTE The Chamber urges all eligible local voters to vote “IN” at the election on the 23rd of June. Cross-frontier Group The CFG actively continues to lobby hard for the formation of European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation.

The objectives of an EGTC are to facilitate and promote cross-border, transnational and/or interregional cooperation, between its members with the exclusive aim of strengthening economic and social cohesion. The CFG is planning a seminar in the very near future to outline in greater detail their ambitions to form an EGTC. Please check the B2B web site for the latest information. Barclays The Chamber is saddened and disappointed about the recent announcement by Barclays to completely depart from the Rock after 129 years. Although not unexpected, the local team at Barclays had been active in the business community since the closure of Main Street, so the sudden closure was surprising and upsetting for local staff.

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