Cross Frontier Group pursues EU initiative

The Cross-Frontier Group has been working on the possibility of establishing a European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC). These are legal entities set up to facilitate cross-border cooperation between neighbouring jurisdictions within the European Union. They allow regional and local authorities and other public undertakings from different member countries to form groupings with a legal personality to deliver joint services in economic, social and territorial areas.

The CFG was established in 2014 in a move spearheaded by the Chamber. Following the adoption of the group’s constitution last year, Chamber Vice President John Isola was elected as the group’s first President on a rotating 6 month basis. The Group is composed of workers’ unions and business associations from both Gibraltar and the Campo area.

Official reaction to the Group’s latest initiative has been universally positive as it has received support for the creation of an EGTC from the Gibraltar Government, the Ayuntamientos of La Linea and San Roque and the Diputacion de Cadiz. Importantly, the Junta de Andalucia has also given its support to the EGTC application. The CFG is now actively involved with these organisations in looking at the practical steps that need to be taken to achieve the formation of an EGTC for our region.

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