Chamber co-ordinates user training for the new ASYCUDA customs clearing system

The Chamber has been working with HM Customs to organise a programme of training courses to familiarise members with using the new ASYCUDA customs clearing system.  Last year B2B informed members that the new system was due to be implemented and would be organising a series of training seminars.
The new system is due to go live in the next few months but it cannot run in parallel with the existing computer system which is now over 20 years old. Customs clearing agents and importers have been trained at HM Customs’ dedicated training facility in Governor’s Parade so that they are fully up to speed on the new system before it goes live.  During February and March over 100 members have been trained on using the new system.
The new clearing system will be a great improvement on the one it replaces as it will enable clearing agents and importers to submit customs declarations electronically for the first time.  Duty calculations will be automatic so agents and importers will also know exactly how much duty is payable at the time of submitting their entry.  This will eradicate the uncertainties which had existed previously and had led to some declarations being delayed because there was a dispute between HM Customs and the importer over the amount of duty payable.
HM Customs is due to set up a training server which agents and importers can practise on in a simulated way before
the new system goes live later this year.
If any member has for some reason missed out on receiving training on the new system or has any questions about the new system they should contact the Chamber on 200 78376 or by email at

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