Alternative finance

Alternative finance grew from the ashes of the global financial crises of 2008, as traditional retail banks reviewed their funding lines more closely, access to finance for growth and capital projects by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs became much more difficult. A new range of financial channels and instruments or “platforms” emerged outside the scope of the regulated banks and capital markets. 

Sancus launched in 2013 with the premise of matching borrowers with co-funders, whilst using the Company’s own proprietary capital to underwrite the loans, backed up by the experienced credit team managing the risk for all parties. The Sancus BMS Group of companies now operates over six jurisdictions, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, UK and Ireland, supporting each of the local economies in which it operates and investing in the continued economic activity and growth of each jurisdiction.

The company has grown significantly since inception and has invested in developing a digital platform for funders to choose how and with whom they choose to fund,

allowing them to monitor their performance and returns compared to platform averages.

Sancus’ niche in Gibraltar is the speed with which it can act in providing funding to SMEs and entrepreneurs, with minimal requirements for extra information and documentation, allowing parties to take advantage of growth opportunities immediately.

Borrowers gain access to funds quickly, with minimal hassle and co-funders have transparency in knowing to whom they are lending with a further layer of comfort added by Sancus funding alongside and ensuring the loan security, checks and documentation are all in place and monitored.

Sancus do not offer consumer loans and the starting level for borrowers is £250k, with no upper limit, our largest loan to date being £17m.

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